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Hello Curry is the Best Regional QSR chain in South India with specialized focus on Home delivery. Conceived as the world's first Fast Indian Food chain, Hello Curry has been rapidly growing all across India, with different retail formats offering most friendly price points. Serving Indian food over the counter in less than 3 mins, Hello Curry has pioneered a unique assembly chain to quickly cook delicious Indian food, without having any dependancy on the skilled cooks.

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Technology Support

Analytics Driven Operations

Accurate sales predictions, that are driven by Technology, offer effective utilization of your resources. Product popularity, Customer recurrence, Hourly Sales reports, & Geo-spacial tracking of Delivery make the operations so effortless.

Helping you with People

Seemless Training Support

Rigorous training on the cooking methods, Hygiene, Indenting, Inventory Management, and Technology to the Kitchen staff. Continuous training of delivery staff to enhance their behavioural traits for the most friendly customer service.

Helping you grow

Creative Marketing Support

Most Innovative Localized design collateral along with futuristic loyalty programs to attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Leaflet designs, SMS Campaigns, Push Notifications are inherently part of this marketing support.

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Most Inviting Store Designs

Hello Curry's Store Designs are unique and developed to accentuate it's philosophy of serving Indian food faster. The store aesthetics resemble nonchalant and friendly atmosphere to hangout with family and friends.

Hello Curry Express Takeaway joints are small, but are good enough to accommodate more than a dozen customers to have a quick dine. The white walls blended with luminescent wooden matrix wall, that has a dedicated chalkboard, prompt customers to sketch their own stories. Thus making "A curry for every story", the tag-line of Hello Curry, speak up it's vivid relevance.

Hello Curry's Micro Kiosks are engineered with scientific ergonomics, to support making of stuffed parathas in the smallest possible real estate. This micro koisks clothes state of the art design elements that are prominently visible from long distance.

The ambient lighting, rightly coupled with eye pleasing designs - always give a superior edge over the competition. Hello Curry's colorful hand painted "Selfie Scooter" while silently expresses it's gratitude to the customers , is an attractive entertainment.

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Awards and Accolades


Awarded Best QSR Chain in South India


Awarded for Most Innovative Packaging


Featured in 20 Best Startups of India


Winner, Slush World Challenge for Most Innovative Technology